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Boeken – Marleen Felius

On the breeds of Cattle

How to conserve the diversity of our livestock?  In an attempt to find answers this book looks at one of the world’s most important types of livestock: cattle.
Against the background of a growing demand for animal protein there is a tendency to focus on a few highly productive breeds, such as the black-pied Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle and the Angus beef cattle.  


A monumental effort of 25 years research by Marleen Felius, Dutch author and illustrator, has produced a “tour de force”—a book of enormous value unparalleled in scoe. In 800 pages laden with color photos, watercolor paintings, illustrations, charts and maps, more than 1000 breeds of cattle—dairy, beef and draft animals—are discussed.

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Each breed is classified according to geographical distribution, historical background and physical features.

• Every animal is shown to scale with minute attention to detail.
• Charts indicate breed lineage and records of crossbreeding.
• Maps clearly depict the locations and distribution of authentic breeds as well as crossbreds in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia.

This fantastic book, a new standard in agricultural resource and reference, educates and entertains. It is the ultimate voyage of discovery.

Dutch author and illustrator Marleen Felius was born in 1948 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A graduate of the Rotterdam College of Arts, she laid the foundation for this book by collecting vast amounts of data through literature study, correspondence, and travel. In addition to this book, her award-winning watercolors have appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. Felius continues to undertake large-scale projects as well as illustrating several Dutch farming magazines.


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In voorbereiding:

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